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At PAM we take pride in being a top-rated property management company in Milwaukee.  We offer full-service property management and premier customer service. How did we become one of the top-rated property management companies in the area? PAM does a few things differently than the rest of the industry that puts us above and beyond our competitors. Your success is also our success, and we want to support you while you achieve your goals. 

How PAM Separates Ourselves From the Industry 

Comprehensive Resident Placement

Our comprehensive resident placement strategy is one of the best in the industry. All that is charged for us to locate our clients top-tier residents and achieve top-market rent rates is your first month’s rent. We do all the tedious work to go above and beyond. Our comprehensive strategy is how we achieve that. 

We advertise client properties to 30+ online resources to cast our net wide at the beginning of our process. We then show the property to pre-qualified prospects. In order to get these pre-qualified prospects, we ensure a tough screening process is used. When it comes to resident screening we verify income, collect pay stubs, check credit, perform background checks, check rental history, confirm employment and analyze job history.

After finalizing screening, we utilize our proven and expert lease agreement to ensure transparency for the resident. We will never approve a resident application that we don’t believe will stay for the full term of the lease agreement. Once a resident moves in, we simply charge 10% of the monthly rent to manage everything associated with the property. We guarantee to find the best residents for you

Proactive & Positive Property Management

We approach our management strategy with a positive attitude and proactive leadership to get inspections, pictures/videos, and reports done in a timely. Being proactive means being a step ahead to avoid issues before they happen. We know how to keep things by contract and code. Simply hire us and let us do all the work for you. 

Our clients won’t ever need to be directly involved with residents if they don’t want to. We enforce and collect rent so our clients don’t have to. We handle maintenance requests and general inquiries with a same-day guarantee because it is important to us to have the best quality service for our residents. 

When it comes to inspections, we conduct three interior and exterior inspections a year. We ensure compliance with all association rules and local laws. Additionally, we conduct drone fly-over inspections of the roof, which is accessible on the client portal. 

We also perform income/expense financial reporting that is accessible via the online portal. We conduct monthly reports and yearly reports to gather information about the property and its residents. This research is crucial for us to understand how to improve and stay proactive with our management. We do a lot for both clients and residents because that’s our job. Anything less means you aren’t receiving the best! 

Same-Day Service Guarantee 

We pride ourselves in world-class residence service. To us, this means guaranteeing same-day communication and service for all our residents, regardless of how big or small. We work side by side with skilled contractors and vendors throughout Milwaukee to ensure the best service possible. Through our long-term relationships, we are able to pass on maintenance costs less than the going market rate.

Our management can be reached same-day via email, phone, and text. Better service equals better performance which is why it is important to us to stand by our 24/7 maintenance and emergency service requests. 

Same-day service for all maintenance issues includes (but is not limited to): 

  • HVAC issues 
  • Heating problems 
  • Electrical issues 
  • Plumbing 

Total Transparency & Sensibility 

Being a transparent and sensible property management team means that we make everything as accessible as possible for our residents. All documents and information regarding leasing, maintenance, contracts, emergencies, etc., that a resident might need is uploaded and easily accessible via the resident portal. This gives everyone complete transparency and control of their information. 

Additionally, we are a sensible team when it comes to communicating with our residents. It is important to us to build relationships that go beyond property management. We are transparent in our actions in hopes that our residents feel confident being transparent with us. That is why for any person that communicates with us before the first of the month about potentially being late on rent, we automatically waive our late fees. 

We understand that there are challenges in life that are simply out of our control, we just ask that you communicate that with us. Whether it is late rent payments, maintenance, or lease issues, we encourage an open line of communication with our residents. 

The PAM Promise 

“I promise we will screw up. I promise we will take responsibility for screwing up and learn from it. And I promise we are going to do better today than we did yesterday. Our entire PAM fam stands behind that promise.”

– Jim Miller
Owner of Performance Asset Management 

The Pam promise is a value we believe is extremely important when it comes to property management. Being in the property management industry requires us to be knowledgeable about a lot of things. But, with that being said, our working knowledge sometimes leads to mistakes happening. 

Here at PAM, we embrace the reality that things don’t always go well and take it as an opportunity to redirect and learn. When we are honest about our mistakes, we try to show that we aren’t here to trick or mislead our clients and/or residents. 

We will make mistakes. We aren’t perfect, but we will work to make things right as swiftly as possible. We promise that each mistake only makes us better equipped in making sure it doesn’t happen again. Every day we strive to have better service than the last.