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So Performance Asset Management is your new Wisconsin property management company… now what? If you’ve worked with a property manager before, then you may already be familiar with some of the processes, but if not, let us start off by saying, Thank You! Choosing PAM as your management company will be a great decision for you and your residents. So, congratulations on taking the first steps in increasing resident satisfaction while decreasing the need for the landlord to do all the heavy lifting. But now what? What are the next steps?

First Step: Portal for Communication

The first thing a resident will need to do is learn how to log into our portal Propertyware. Almost 90% of all our communications with our current residents are through this portal. When we execute a lease on your behalf, you can find it in this portal. When a resident pays rent, it will be logged in this portal. Anything that needs official documentation or communication, can almost always be done through this portal. 

Instructions are sent to all our new residents or owners on how to log in, but basically, when you are redirected to the PAM Propertyware login, you will be prompted to either “login” or “sign up”. Since this is your first time logging in, you should select the “sign up” button. After that, the resident (or owner) will be asked to fill in the necessary information. This information will then be sent to PAM and we will activate your account and send you your login information. After receiving your login information from PAM, make sure to get familiar with the features that are on the portal. 

If you have any questions or concerns, this portal will be where those items can be addressed. 

Second Step: Property Meld

Property Meld is the platform we use to provide the best service possible! This platform helps us provide 24/7 maintenance and emergency services. We mainly use this platform for our residents to have direct contact with repair contractors to schedule repairs within 24 hours. There are also some other communication services provided here, but it will be crucial to set up your Propertyware and property meld accounts. 

To set up your property meld, go to the PAM site and find the drop-down selection “submit maintenance request”. From there you will be asked to log in to your account, and if this is the first time you are using this platform, you will have to click “Request an invite”. After that, you will be asked to fill in some information to link your account and then property meld will let PAM know to send you an invitation for an account. 

After you have your account set up, take some time to look through what is on the property meld platform and how to go through a maintenance request. We suggest that you set up your accounts right away before any maintenance is needed so that you are familiar with the software. 

Third Step: Fewer Headaches & More Consistent Income

Whether you are a resident or investor, our PAM fam team is dedicated to your satisfaction. When you work with a property management team like PAM, you’ll experience fewer headaches dealing with the property process. Whether that be our fast and reliable communication services or our ability to place and hold residents in your rental property, we’ll take care of the major things so you don’t have to worry. 

As an investor, you’ll see more consistent income when you work with a property manager. Property managers should be passionate about their work and driven to provide you with results. They should communicate with residents often, help address and resolve any issues, and provide them with the right tools to be great residents. This is how we’ll be able to ensure steady residents, thorough interview processes, and reliable income for our investors. 

Why Hire a Property Manager?

Hiring a property manager or management company provides several benefits to investors or residents. Some of the top reasons include: 

  • Reducing vacancies and turnover rates
  • Handling maintenance and repairs (so investors don’t have to) 
  • Screening applicants
  • Providing legal expertise and handling disputes 

Here at PAM, we offer these benefits with a competitive reputation compared to other property management companies. How are we different? We offer: 

  • Comprehensive resident placement 
  • Proactive and positive management strategies 
  • Guaranteed Same-day service and communication 
  • Total transparency and sensibility 
  • And the PAM promise! 

The Pam promise is a value we believe is extremely important when it comes to property management. Being in the property management industry requires us to be knowledgeable about a lot of things. But, with that being said, our working knowledge sometimes leads to mistakes happening. We embrace the reality that things don’t always go well and take it as an opportunity to redirect and learn. When we are honest about our mistakes, we try to show that we aren’t here to trick or mislead our clients and/or residents. 

Interested in what PAM can do for your rental property and residents? Contact us today!