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Which Up And Coming Neighborhoods In Milwaukee, WI Should You Be Investing In Now?

Which Up And Coming Neighborhoods In Milwaukee, WI Should You Be Investing In Now?

The Milwaukee real estate market is hot and getting even hotter. There has never been a better time for real estate investing in the area.

Median listing prices in the city are far below the national average. But home sale prices are rising, and rents are rising, too.

Looking to make some rental income off this growing market? Start your search in these up-and-coming neighborhoods to watch your profits soar.

Brewer's Hill

Brewer's Hill is a beer lover's paradise. This up-and-coming neighborhood is located just north of downtown Milwaukee. Residents are close to the city's best breweries and more practical amenities like public transportation.

Historic homes and new developments populate the streets of Brewer's Hill. Properties are affordable, too, with a median home value of only $220,089. However, you should expect to charge low rent because the median in the area is $886 per month.

Bay View

Bay View is an up-and-coming artist's haven. It is situated in southeast Milwaukee and is sandwiched between some of the city's best parks. Many homes also feature views of nearby Lake Michigan.

Like Brewer's Hill, Bay View is home to a mix of historic and modern residences. The difference is the significantly lower home prices ($190,800) and slightly higher rents ($980 per month), ideal for Wisconsin investors.

Juneau Town

Juneau Town or East Town is near to everything. Located in downtown Milwaukee, it is a great place for young professionals to live if they want to be close to restaurants, bars, shopping, and entertainment.

This is the up-and-coming area to invest if you want to invest in a high-rise apartment or condo. There are also many historic townhouses in the area. The median home value is $258,645, and the median rent is $1,266 per month.

Riverside Park

Riverside Park is an outdoor enthusiast's dream. It is sandwiched between two of the city's best parks, Milwaukee River Parkway and Lake Park. The area is also proximal to well-loved restaurants, bars, and coffee shops.

The majority of Riverside Park's residents rent their homes. Investors can scoop up a deal for less than $260,000 and make a good living off the neighborhood's median rent of just over $1,000 per month.

Historic Third Ward

Historic Third Ward offers the best views of Lake Michigan in the city. The picturesque historic neighborhood has historic charm galore and is near popular hotspots like the Milwaukee Public Market.

This area is one of the pricier neighborhoods on our list. The median home value in Historic Third Ward is nearly $350,000. But for that price, you can charge somewhere in the vicinity of $2,000 per month for rent.

Real Estate Investing With Performance Asset Management

Real estate investing in Milwaukee can be lucrative if you know where to look. These five up-and-coming neighborhoods offer low home prices relative to their rent potential and are perfect places to look for a new investment.

Need help finding the right rental property for your real estate investment portfolio? We have over 15 years of experience helping property investors like you find the best deals at the right time.

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